Hey folks!
I would like to share this story by Neil Taylor. He grew up in Stamping Ground. I love hearing these stories from years ago. I asked his permission in sharing this childhood recollection.
Neil says,

“I just posted on Kayla Jones’ photo about the service station/house next to the house where Mrs. Sudie Sharp lived.
I came to know her after the tornado, when they were putting in new sewers and sidewalks. Due to this, we had to go to the post office everyday and get our mail.
Mrs. Sudie asked me if I wanted a job, and of course I said “sure”.
She paid me fifty cents per week to go and get her mail and bring it to her.
One day I was not available to go so my sister went in my place. Mrs. Sudie gave her fifty cents for just the one day.
When my sister told me, I could have spit nails I was so mad. However, I did not stay mad, I loved Mrs. Sudie and continued carrying her mail to her until we were able to have mailboxes again. She was just another example of small town goodness!”