Remember the first big town meeting back in August? There were over 150 folks that attended! Tuesday, January 19th is our last public meeting with the Kentucky League of Cities. This meeting is for all of us to come together once again and discuss THE PLAN for Stamping Ground’s future.

We will meet at the Stamping Ground school cafeteriaRefreshments at 6:00 pm and the meeting about THE PLAN will start at 6:30 pm.

Let’s start 2016 with renewed purpose and focus on setting our goals for economic development with THE PLAN and start taking the first steps to get there!



Top is a photo of Commissioner Ashleigh Perry awarding 1st prize to the winner of the “Griswold” category in the “Christmas on the Buffalo Trail” house decorating contest. (Koger Family)

Bottom is the winner of the 2nd prize in the same category. (L. Jones family)