IMG_2234We have new businesses in town! One is  Shae’s Cafe & Catering and it’s located at 130 Springview Drive. Shae’s will be open 6am to 6pm Monday-Friday. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Shae’s will be open from 7am to 2pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sunday. There will be daily specials! You can call for carry-outs at 502-542-7687.


Vest Fabricating on Calvert Street has been open for some time now, but did you know that it’s also Stamping Ground Supply? We have our own Hardware store in Stamping Ground too!

Shae’s Cafe and Vest Fabricating/Stamping Ground Supply will have their Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting ceremonies on August 18th!

Shae’s Cafe will be at 3:00 and Vest Fabricating/Stamping Ground Supply will be at 3:30pm.

Have you noticed the BUY LOCAL signs around town? The Kentucky Transportation Department has confirmed that our Main Street alone has over 1600 vehicle passes on average every single day. Let’s all stop and make an effort to support our local businesses!