Thanks to Commissioner Robert Duncan, Police Chief Stephen Morris, and Fire Chief Chuck Helms for the committee that they have formed together in order to establish a written protocol designed specifically for response to any weather emergency that Stamping Ground might encounter, with the unique possible needs of our city in mind. Also, thanks to Scott County Emergency Director, Jack Donovan, for offering your support in any way possible.
Percentage-wise, the majority of severe weather that comes through Scott County will impact Stamping Ground first.
Once established and approved these protocols will be available at City Hall, the Police Department, the Fire Department, and a concerted city effort will be made to make the plans available to area businesses and citizens.

This morning, Tuesday, March 10th, at 10:07, Stamping Ground’s warning sirens will activate. This is part of a statewide Tornado Safety Drill.
Please be mindful of the plans that you and your family should be making in the event of severe weather.

“Remember; when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.”
Steven Cyros