Stamping Ground has had three great disasters which almost wiped out the business district.  Two fires one on December 2, 1916, which burned both sides of the street and the other in the early 1920s, then the tornado in 1974.

  On Wednesday, April 3, 1974, a series of tornadoes hit Kentucky.  In Scott County, Stamping Ground was the hardest hit, being almost completely destroyed.  Only three buildings remained standing after the tornado.  Those were the State Forestry Building, a grocery store, and the Masonic Lodge Building.  The elementary school, the three churches, the stores, the Public Library, and the downtown district were completely destroyed.  There was no loss of life but thirty-five people were injured, with ten serious enough to require hospitalization.

   Through each of these tragedies, the citizens of Stamping Ground have worked together and helped one another and the town has been rebuilt each time.