Even though the Stamping Ground area was founded in 1790, it wasn’t incorporated as a city until January 24, 1834.

     Stamping Ground is a home rule city located in Scott County.  The 2010 Population was 643.  The County seat is in Georgetown, Kentucky.

     Stamping Ground is governed under the Commission Style Government.  The Commission is composed of a Mayor and four Commissioners.  In the Commission form of government, all of the executive, administrative and legislative authority of the city is vested in and exercised by the city commission as a body.  Each Commissioner and the Mayor oversee one of the following departments, Police, Fire, Streets, Public Works, Economic Development and Finance and Administration.

Mayor Keith Murphy oversees the Fire Department, Finance, Administration.

David Clark is Commissioner of Economic Development.

Commissioner Duncan oversees the Police Department.

Commissioner Rob Jones oversees the Streets Department.

Commissioner Jessie Zagaruyka oversees the Parks Department.

City Clerk Reda Conn