Here’s an excerpt from the Georgetown newspaper in 1854. Apparently the topic was all about paying for newspapers.

“Our list of patrons at Stamping Ground are renowned for their pecuniary punctuality: as well for many other commendable virtues. We have not, and never had there, a single delinquent on our list.                                

Last week, however, we flattered ourself that we had caught one tripping in an unmistakeable manner and acted accordingly. When lo and behold, the apparent delinquency was clearly proved to have been only a misunderstanding, by the prompt receipt of a friendly explanatory epistle, accompanied with the deficient dimes.

Honor to whom honor is due; if all our patrons were as punctual in their payments as those at Stamping Ground, we could afford to publish a sheet, at less cost, that would do honor to the county of Scott.

To hail from Stamping Ground, judging from our experience, is, or ought to be a letter of credit to every man, woman, and child to the manor born!”