Update Feb. 20

The Stamping Ground area could possibly receive 4-7 inches of snow this evening and Saturday. We might also receive ice then rain.
Please don’t hesitate to use the phone numbers previously provided.
Thanks to the Stamping Ground Police Department for going door to door today and checking on individuals that live alone. If you know of a need, please communicate!

Commissioner Darnell has advised that the Stamping Ground Volunteer Fire Department continues to be on stand-by.
Stamping Ground, your community spirit is inspiring! Let’s continue to look out for each other! You are so appreciated.

Update Feb. 18

Thank you to the Stamping Ground Volunteer Fire Department for being readily available to help anyone in need! Thanks goes to the Stamping Ground Police Department, as well!
Scott County Emergency Management has also called to inquire if anyone needed assistance in Stamping Ground.

Scott County Emergency Management Director Jack Donovan has said that Scott County has received 9-10 inches of snow.
Scott County can expect another 1-2 inches on Wednesday.
The main concern is the very cold temperatures. The low Wednesday night could drop to -11 degrees. Wind Chills could drop to -25.

YOU are Stamping Ground’s greatest asset. Please use caution when outside in these temperatures. It’s important at this time that we remember to check on our neighbors, especially those living alone and the elderly.
Carbon Monoxide poisoning can happen when using kerosene heaters that are not vented properly.
Also, your animals need protection from these extreme temperatures, too.

As always, if you have an emergency dial 911. In non-emergencies dial 502-535-7714 for assistance. In addition, if you have a non-emergency concern or need information, call City Hall at 502-535-6114. If City Hall is closed, when prompted, press 1 and leave a message for Mayor Jones. Your call WILL BE RETURNED.

Rumpke has been in contact with City Hall and has confirmed the next trash collection date. Monday, February 23.
There will be no school in Scott County for the rest of this week.


Our area will be expecting possibly heavy snow accumulation this evening and Monday. In addition to the snow we will be experiencing very low temperatures.

Our city road crew has indicated that they are well equipped and have all the needed salt to try to keep our streets as safe as possible. Please use extreme caution when driving.

Fire Commissioner Darnell and Chief Cook have advised that the Stamping Ground Volunteer Fire Department will be on standby overnight and tomorrow. The Stamping Ground Baptist Church basement will be open for anyone needing shelter, but please call 502-535-7714 for assistance if needing shelter.