Stamping Ground and all of Scott County have recently had an increase in potential scams. These scams are elaborate schemes to defraud you of large sums of money.

These scams can present themselves to you in any number of ways including, but not limited to telephone, mail, or Internet. The following are a small sample of some of the more popular scams that are seen today.

Telemarketer Fraud

Nigerian Letter or “419” Fraud

Health Care/Health Insurance Fraud

Investment Fraud

Funeral and Cemetery Fraud

Non-Delivery of Merchandise Fraud

If you think you have been or are currently being targeted by a scam, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Stamping Ground Police Department and we will be happy to research it and advise you in your best course of action.

Stamping Ground Police Department

3376 Main Street

Stamping Ground, Kentucky 40379