Let’s celebrate the labor that built up this great land,

From field to field to desk to desk, they built it hand in hand.

Happy Labor Day from the City of Stamping Ground.



Please note that there will be trash pickup on Monday as regularly scheduled.




Now that we have gathered the initial information from many of our citizens, we are trying to put the info into useful formats. This will take several weeks. When we have the core values, common themes, and strategies outlined, we will present the first draft at the next public meeting. 

In the meantime, the complete set of notes from the first public meeting are posted below.

If there is a project that you are interested in, please contact the mayor. We don’t have to wait until the plan is finished to get started on improving our city.








Stamping Ground Elementary School Thursday, August 20, 2015 6:00 p.m.

What is the one thing you think of that you value the most, or that makes Stamping Ground unique?

• Name
• History
• Size – Small town atmosphere
• Unity
• Wildlife
• Have one of everything you need and no stoplight
• An elementary school in the community
• Churches
• Park
• Rural
• People
• Post Office
• Drugstore and other stores in the city
• Police and Fire Departments
• Bank
• Balanced small town economy – service, industry, hardware, and productive farms
• Location – close to interstates and larger cities
• Able to make our own decisions because of the size of the community – the people are involved
• The community aspect goes beyond the city limits – a part of the greater community
• Medical – Nurse Practitioner
• A safe place to raise children

What are the strengths of this city?

• Growth potential
• Safety
• Location
• Churches
• Family connections
• Hometown atmosphere
• Local businesses
• Good infrastructure
• Friendly police
• Resilience
• People willing to help each other
• The Name
• Relationship with the county
• Uniqueness
• Small town
• Beauty
• Volunteer fire department
• Drug store
• Bourbon history
• Family ties
• Greenspace
• Low crime
• Good leaders
• Springs that are still running
• Citizen involvement
• Business involvement in the community
• Deep roots in Stamping Ground – Generations
• EMS service
• Masonic Lodge
• Local cemetery

Weaknesses – what should we work on?

• Roads
• Developments need to be finished
• Internet access
• Car wash – need one
• Youth activities
• More family sized rental property
• Stamping Ground ambulance needs to stay in Stamping Ground
• Need hardware store
• Enhance the park with summer concerts, events
• A lot of the problems are hard to solve
• A community benevolence outreach
• Negative perception of location
• No signage on the roads for the city
• Not enough activities for children
• Need more small businesses in general
• Streetscape – lights, benches, flower pots, cobblestone
• Wellness center
• Community center
• Main Street needs a makeover
• Hesitance for change
• Abandoned buildings
• Interstate sign – None
• Internet service not in county
• Farmer interaction
• Senior citizen activity
• Not enough fire hydrants
• Need an annual community event
• Businesses need to support the community
• Lack of jobs
• Water Tower and funeral home – abandoned properties
• More on duty police
• Museum – local history
• Lack of full time staff at fire department
• Signage for community activities – marquee

Opportunities – what is possible?

• Farmers market
• Something for youth
• Room for growth
• Jesse James festival
• Streetscape
• Community center or indoor recreation for kids
• Sports complex
• Craft brewery
• Directory of all local businesses
• Community choir for children
• Senior citizen center
• Kentucky Proud products grown here
• Potential for more businesses
• Promotional program for all of the positive things in the community
• Local computer center for those without internet access
• Tourism built around history
• Developed subdivisions
• Better upkeep of the school grounds
• Additional multi-family housing
• Signage to recognize the community
• Small industrial park
• Child care
• Library
• Walking trail
• Ball field

Threats –what will keep us from success?

• Natural disaster
• Lack of 24 hour police or fire
• Drugs
• Loss of school
• Lack of 24 hour ambulance
• Poor leadership and lack of planning
• Price of gas – keeps people from coming here
• Community of people that only care about themselves
• Nothing planned for the future of the children
• Building closures
• Lack of finances and resources
• Fear of taxes
• People moving away
• With growth = more crime
• Lack of support
• Lack of volunteers/support for businesses
• Keep expectations in check
• Not enough space to grown
• Unable to get people move here
• Attracting the wrong folks
• Excessive regulations on ag and hunting
• Change in county government could affect the support level of this community

Design Session

Table #8
• Use property funeral home into a community center with library, gathering area, activity center, internet access
• Village Green at funeral home property

Table #11
• Day Trip Destination – Take what is not the downtown and reconstruct it as an area that will attract tourists – Look at Midway, Paducah – arts community
• Connect everything in town to a greenway

Table #C
• Thrift/consignment in by the barbershop

Table #7
• Sidewalks/street lamps

Table #10
• Bed and Breakfast – Jesse James home or funeral home

Table #9
• Kiosk/information booth

Table # 11.5
• Get with owners of 2 undeveloped subdivisions = about $19,000 in property taxes per year

Table #2
• Funeral home – community center, senior center, village green
• Old fire station as a museum

Table #1
• Walking trail around town for kids – organized athletics, challenge park

Table #4
• Assisted living facility at the funeral home location

Table #5
• Further promotion of small industrial park

Table #2
• Public parking area – where the development area is located

Table #3
• Farmers market by the water tower

Table #
• Municipal golf course


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