Mayor’s Message

We have a community Blessing Box installed on Main Street at the Ruritan Building. Please consider helping to keep it filled with non perishable food items, diapers, and toiletries.

We are having a community event on Sat. June 16 at the new Town Square. There will be music and food!

We are in the planning stages of our July 4 parade and celebration. Please call City Hall at 502-535-6114 or email me at if you are interested in participating.




Happy Spring!

We have some exciting plans this year!

Saturday, March 31 is the Community Easter Egg Hunt. It will be on Main Street across from the school. It starts at 11:00.

The Ruritans are also having a pancake breakfast that morning as well.

In April we are remembering Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month by having a bike contest and encouraging our community to display the color blue in solidarity with all of those that are working to prevent child abuse. Our contest is called “Spokes for Hope” and the decorated bicycles will be displayed on the school front lawn.

On Monday, April 23rd we are celebrating Earth Day. We are having a town clean up. A dumpster will be available again this year located behind city hall. Gloves, bags, and free sunglasses are available for everyone that takes part.

In May, on Memorial Day weekend we will again host a rest stop for the cyclists visiting Scott County for the Horsey Hundred.

We will also have some special events at our new Town Square this Summer called “Stamping Ground Summer Nights”!

There will be an Independence Day parade on July 4. Time is yet to be determined.




2018 Goals

Police Department Accreditation

Economic Development Plan for Main Street

Completion of Main Street sidewalk project

Completion of Buffalo Springs Park construction project

Completion of Main Street banner posts project

Buy property for a Community Center

Enhance and Define Workforce Development for the Stamping Ground area

Develop satisfactory Parking for Buffalo Springs Park

Gateway Sign

Work towards Regional Partnerships

Continue to Seek Grant Opportunities




Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

From my house to yours……


Best Wishes for a great holiday season!

We have great plans for 2018.




How about an ice cream social in October?

Yep, that’s what we are doing this coming Saturday, Oct. 14 at 1pm.

Our new bike trail opens up between Stamping Ground and Sadieville and we thought it would be great to celebrate it. See below for more information.











Please make plans to attend “Stamping Out Hunger” on September 23rd.

It will be held at the Ruritan Building on Main Street. Enjoy a music filled afternoon under a big tent out back. Please bring non perishable food items to donate. It’s going to be a great day!



Monday August 21



Searching for Jacob Gillis of Stamping Ground. We sent him a Stamping Ground t-shirt when he was stationed overseas but the package was returned. Can anyone assist us in our search?



We had a visitor last week. Brian Turner, who resides in Florida visited the First Baptist Church cemetery and added flags to the graves of our veterans in the War Between the States. 

The flags are era appropriate. They have 35 stars which is the number of states in the Union at that time.






The Main Street Banner Pole project has started. Eventually there will be poles along the majority of Main Street within city limits!



                 The United Way Read Across America Project

I enjoyed reading to the students at Stamping Ground Elementary on Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I read “The Cat in the Hat” and the kids were very attentive and well behaved. Thanks to all who made this a great day for the kids.





It’s time to get serious about ‘The Plan’. We are actively searching for property in which to build our community center.

There are several locations of interest that we are looking into. Feel free to attend the next meeting on March 7 at 6:00 pm and let your concerns be known!



2017 is here! A few of the plans we have been thinking about include…….

To continue working towards the objectives stated in the Stamping Ground Strategic Plan. ( if you are interested in knowing more about this, we have booklets with detailed information at city hall).

An ongoing pursuit for a community center, sidewalks, banner poles, and a “Stamping Ground” sign located on Main Street between the school and post office properties. Not just any old sign but an AWESOME WORK OF ART that should have great presence and be very beautiful!

We will be implementing some new measures in the Police Department that will provide more coverage hours for the community.

The Fire Department has some great plans, as well.

Some city events on the Springtime radar include:

Earth Day in April. Time for city wide clean-up. Also community Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

Horsey Hundred in May. There will be about 1800 cycling visitors stopping at the Park on Memorial Day weekend.

Free Friday Nights at the Park Pavilion.


“May the New Year bring to Stamping Ground the warmth of love, and a light to guide our path towards a positive destination.” Happy New Year!






                 Merry Christmas!



We are getting quite a few things accomplished in Stamping Ground as we approach the end of the year.

Nov. 12 at 6pm is our benefit concert to aid Stamping Ground seniors at Christmas time. See the home page for information.

December 10 is our Christmas celebration. We will have a parade at 4pm, a visit with Santa (at the Ruritan Building) at 4:30, a tree lighting ceremony at 5:30, and a Christmas house decorating contest with prizes.

We are currently working with the school board in order to lease a small section of land beside the post office in order to erect a very nice sign with landscaping.

We have applied for two grants and are waiting to receive word on the status of our applications.

The Fire Department has started to build an addition to their building and we have recently purchased another truck at a very reasonable cost. (The Fire Department also applied and won a grant very recently).

The Police Department has acquired a solar powered radar sign that will display motorists speed as they approach the sign. This new sign will be installed along Main Street.

The Buffalo Daze event was very successful and was a joint effort by Community in Action, The City of Stamping Ground, Stamping Ground Fire Department, Stamping Ground Police Department, the Ruritans, the Masonic Lodge, the Buffalo Gals Homemakers, and many other folks who pitched in and helped!

GMWSS is installing new water lines on the end of Locust Fork, Mulberry Street, and parts of Main Street. Some new hydrants are being installed too.

Even though we have suffered a huge loss in losing our physician and local pharmacy, we do have some new businesses coming to town. More info soon.

The City has ordered the first phase of new decorative street poles to be installed on Main Street. Eventually Main Street will have the new poles on both sides of Main from the EMS Building to down past the Dollar Store.

We have approved the plan to make the Woodlake/Main intersection safer for motorists sight distance by designating a few more NO PARKING places in that immediate area. We don’t think this will negatively impact residents.

Our last several commission meetings have been poorly attended. If you are interested in helping or would like to take part in your local government, please let me know. I promise to help get you involved as much as possible. Plus……bring your kids! Children are encouraged to visit city hall and ask questions….but watch out, I might put them to work! We are currently needing some helping hands to tidy up the mini garden in the front of city hall and also we need some curbs painted.

I would like to encourage Stamping Ground residents to decorate the exterior of your home for Christmas. Kids love to see that…well, actually I think we all enjoy seeing that 😉

Here’s a few Stamping Ground photos that I’ve taken in the last couple of months. (Wouldn’t it be nice to have a production company use Stamping Ground as a filming location?….I’m serious!) Hmm…….





Stamping Ground brought home the trophy a 2nd year straight in the annual chili cook off at the Scott County Senior Activity Center.

The chili cook off is a contest between Judge Executive Lusby,  Georgetown Mayor Tom Prather, Sadieville Mayor Claude Christensen, and the Stamping Ground mayor.















It’s almost time to start thinking about Fall decorating. Since we are having a celebration on Saturday, Oct. 29th, I think Main Street should be fixed up ‘extra fancy’! If you would like to help please contact me through city hall or by email.

We are currently in need of lots of corn stalks!

Meeting Notes-

The tax rate for the upcoming year ( the tax rate is staying the same, no increase) and the possibility of having a sidewalk installed below the Dollar General Store towards Commonwealth Tool. Come to our next meeting to become more involved! Sept. 6 at 6:00)




It’s very nice to receive notes like this. A big thanks to Chief Helms and our Firefighters for the many hours spent to get the truck up and running!





Nice photo taken on Galloway



Main Street




Bryson in Owen County


Bryson with Steven Fox in Ohio


Bryson at Salato Wildlife Center in Frankfort


Bryson the Bison hits the road!


Bryson has made it to the top of Mount Bierstadt! This is a high mountain summit of the Chicago Peaks in the front range of the Rocky Mountains. He’s pictured here with Stamping Ground’s Barbara Fox.






We awarded almost 100 small stuffed buffalos at our Historic Geocaching event on June 2.

The little Stamping Ground ambassadors have been dubbed “Bryson the Bison” and we have asked for folks to take Bryson along on their trips and send us photos of their travels.

The above photos are of Kim Thurston and Tom Robinson from the Cincinnati area. They took these photos with Bryson just north of Tulsa, Oklahoma!


Here’s Bryson at the oldest geocache in New Mexico and at Humphrey’s Peak, the highest point in Arizona.


Bryson at Clays Ferry Bridge.



Bryson in Colorado.


Bryson met some foxes while traveling with Barbara and Steven Fox. He also is accompanying Meg Ballantine out west.


Bryson at Fort Walton Beach, Florida.



Bryson at the Gulf Breeze Zoo.




The City of Stamping Ground needs you. We need parade floats, lawnmowers, bikes, antique cars, vintage machinery, ideas, AND VETERANS!

Let’s make our ‘Old Glory’ Parade and Celebration on Saturday, July 2 a success! Let’s make it something that our kids will enjoy and remember……just like so many of you have great memories of Stamping Ground when you were growing up!








On Memorial Day weekend the Bluegrass Cycling Club had their annual Horsey Hundred ride.

Two of the routes came through Stamping Ground and we provided a rest stop for them before they progressed on their journey.

We had almost 1000 cyclists come through town and we heard many positive comments about our town!






Be proud of your hometown. It’s a big part of what makes you the person you are!


bike flag

bh wisteria






Great news! The Stamping Ground water tower has been painted PINK! Yes….it’s a lovely color and I know everyone will love it. The contractors were able to complete the change-over in only three days and did an excellent job! Please let us know what you think.

JUST KIDDING! This pink color is from the sunlight. The tower is still BLUE. Sorry……I couldn’t resist.






click on topic for larger view



Beautiful Stamping Ground

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting- a wayside sacrament.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 banners

fog 2Main Street RDsg parkBuff spring wallMain Street RD walltobacco farmer

Stamping Ground Farmer circa 1940. Photo by John Patrick.







Can you spare an hour or two on Friday, April 22 to help clean up town? We need you!

Call city hall at 502-535-6114 and leave your name and t-shirt size. Please arrive at city hall at 12 noon on April 22. You will be given gloves and trash bags. Let’s make our town shine!






Here’s the newest sign in town! The Kettenrings had a huge heart for Stamping Ground. Mayor Shirley Kettenring worked tirelessly on the park project. She would of been very happy to see all the people that are enjoying it!










Still requesting more photos of you wearing your Stamping Ground T-shirts! These were taken in  Gainesville, Florida this week.


tractor 2

You’ve got to love rural communities! When we go to the post office in Stamping Ground, we drive our tractors!





It may be a little too cold for most of us to be out riding. But it does not mean that we are not getting ready. Fred Fields, Jeff Walther, Troy Hearn (on behalf of the state, the BCC , and KyMBA- Bluegrass Chapter) met with Kayla Jones – Mayor, Stephen Morris – Chief of Police (both from Historic Stamping Ground), and Claude Christensen – Mayor of Sadieville. We had great discussions about the Stamping Ground Horsey Hundred Rest Stop and an added police/public safety presence during the HH. We also listened to the two Mayors propose a new bicycle network between Stamping Ground and Sadieville with trail heads in both cities. This is building on the work that Diane Strong started years ago. It is exciting to see another city embracing bicycling. And we did bring up the dog issue. I am looking forward to the riding season and new adventures.~Patrick Wesolosky, Bluegrass Cycling Club



I am so grateful that we now have a “roadmap” to follow that was formulated on the desires of the folks in this community! This is YOUR PLAN!

It can be easy to get sidetracked sometimes when planning for the future. Now we have a 20 page document that can lead the way. 

We are going to start immediately on this. First, we will have a city-wide cleanup this Spring.

Clean Up

Fix Up

Ramp Up

We have already started on the walk-around assessment. We need to Have a “Paint the Town” event and conduct a block-by-block repair affair.

We need to apply for grant funding that will help with a sidewalk renewal plan. Do you know that Main Street is the only Stamping Ground street that has sidewalks? UNACCEPTABLE!

Now it’s time to say the V word.

We need volunteers!

I would like to mention that the Sign Committee has been working on a design for a gateway sign. The design they have shown us is impressive.

The History Committee has made some preliminary plans and will be meeting again on Jan. 28, 6pm, at city hall.

Did I mention that we need volunteers?







“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci






Here’s a link to watch Paul Goodman’s Buffalo Springs Park video.



2015 Reflections


2016 is almost here. I’ve been giving some thought to what we have accomplished in my first year as mayor. The Stamping Ground City Commission started 2015 with a renewed focus on economic development and a sincere desire to make our town the very best it can be for it’s citizens, with the resources available.

water tower from window with text

We worked with the Kentucky League of Cities early in the year and were able to offer a discount prescription drug card to help our folks with their medications. We also bought and dispensed  “Emergency Preparedness Guides” to help educate folks about being prepared for extreme weather.


We have a new Fire Chief, Chuck Helms and a new Assistant Chief, Buster Cannon. The Fire Station is being renovated too. We have also purchased a more mobile truck that is crucial to being able to access off road situations.


Our Police Department and Fire Department have been very active this entire year with community events and community outreach. Our Christmas Basket outreach generated 50 baskets at Christmas time. We also have a new Police Officer, Ramon Torres.



We are currently working to get Railroad Street into the city street system, as it has been privately owned. This will enable the city to make improvements and add signage.

We hired the Kentucky League of Cities to develop a plan for the city. We’ve had two public meetings and asked citizens to tell us their visions for Stamping Ground. This has been very exciting! The final meeting will be in January when the plan will be introduced, based on the concerns and desires discussed in the previous meetings.


In April we observed Earth Day and orchestrated a city-wide cleanup with the cooperation and support of several organizations including the students at Stamping Ground Elementary.


We’ve accomplished some street repairs and installed reflective street signs on all city streets.


Two of our veterans, Lawrence and Russell Young were able to fly aboard “Honor Flight” to visit the memorials in Washington, D.C.


Our own Stamping Ground Elementary, became a school of distinction based on the great test scores of our kids.


Stamping Ground became a Bluegrass Cycling Club partner and we are developing some great plans with them for 2016.


There’s four projects that have been started but have not been finished yet……

  1. We are still working to get interstate signage approved.
  2. We are working to get decorative street poles installed along Main Street. (This has to be approved by the state too, because our Main Street is a state road).
  3. We’ve petitioned the State government with a city resolution requesting safety improvements for the deadly curve at Duvall and 227. The state has installed some improvements but there’s more dialogue needed with the state to improve the road further.
  4. We have four display cases at city hall that we are wanting to fill with Stamping Ground memorabilia. We have titled this project, “The Stamping Ground Keeping Society”. Volunteers Welcome!IMG_2575

I’m looking forward to a busy and prosperous year, working with Commissioners Darnell, Duncan, Hobbs, Perry, our Department heads, and the entire Stamping Ground family. Happy New Year!

flag tree

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.





merry christmas sg


kettering pavilion


city limit sign bw


park sign bw


dr office









I enjoyed talking to folks about Stamping Ground today! I’m really proud of our town.




We still have these nice shirts available for free to anyone that donates 10 items of food. Or the shirts can be bought for $10.00. We have them at City Hall, Baker’s Pharmacy, and Bradley’s IGA.







Stamping Ground Veterans! Bradley’s is honoring and thanking you for your service. Their annual breakfast will be Dec. 9th. Please come and enjoy a delicious breakfast.




Pictured with Chief Morris and myself, on the left is our new Police Officer. His name is Ramon Torres. When you see Officer Torres out and about, please stop and give him a warm welcome to the Stamping Ground Family!














The Stamping Ground Volunteer Fire Department has been hard at work! Thanks to

Fire Commissioner Christa Darnell

Fire Chief Chuck Helms

Assistant Chief Buster Cannon

and the entire department! They’ve been working continuously to make the Fire Department even better.

They have a new truck that’s more mobile and easier to navigate in off road emergencies.


They’ve been working on the building too! They have installed new tile in the kitchen area, have installed a new sink and stove, and are making improvements throughout the entire facility. They are doing all the work themselves. They have more plans in place for some great improvements. Their enthusiasm is very contagious and I’m excited to see what they accomplish next!


In recognition of their diligence, hard work, and dedication to our town, I would like to thank them for everything they do and thanks for keeping Stamping Ground safe!










“A Stamping Good Time”
Send me photos wearing your Stamping Ground T-shirt, doing something unique! Or wearing your T-shirt on your travels! Email them to and add
“A Stamping Good Time” in the subject line.
They will be posted at
What? You say you don’t have a Stamping Ground t-shirt?
No worries, we have ordered more and they will be available at city hall on M,W,F, 8:30-4:30! Also Baker’s Pharmacy will have them in Stamping Ground.
Please keep your photos G-rated and please don’t send a photo of you in harm’s way. Photos of you endangering yourself won’t be posted.
I’ll start by posting this photo taken this week in the Florida Everglades. (My little alligator had a clip on so he couldn’t bite).
Have fun and let’s show our Stamping Ground pride to the world!




This Wednesday, Nov. 11th is Veteran’s Day. Stamping Ground will have it’s flags flying but area residents are also lighting up town with green lights in a symbolic show of gratitude. More information at 

Please consider displaying a green light on your porch or in your window on Nov. 11th! City Hall will be closed on Wednesday, November 11th.IMG_3245IMG_3248





We had our history meeting on Thursday. We had a great discussion about Stamping Ground’s heritage and I learned quite a few things too! We talked about the need to identify and highlight historical sites, marking them with small attractive signage, and then develop a walkable/drivable history tour. We also think it’s a good idea to have small signage for the waterways, (LeCompte’s Run, McConnell’s Run, Locust Fork) through town and the surrounding area.

We also are still working on obtaining a historical marker for the old jail/firehouse. One side of the marker can tell the story of the building and the other side can have information about Marshall Duke who perished while on duty in 1899. The marker will cost $2500. We have raised about $200. so far. If anyone is interested in helping please let me know. There’s a great deal of paperwork involved and I know some of you are really talented with that! We also need a few letters of support from some of our community organizations.





We will have a meeting at city hall on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 6pm. This is not a commission meeting but a meeting for anyone interested in historical aspects of our economic development plan. We need to decide what we would like to focus on. We really do have many possibilities!

IMG_1846 IMG_2576IMG_3023IMG_0949IMG_0767


So many things are happening right now! We will have a slide show posted soon that will show the topics that were discussed at our Oct. 20th town meeting. I apologize that I was not able to talk to everyone individually, at the meeting. There are so many great ideas coming from everyone!

The photo below shows Main Street now and the potential look and feel of downtown that we can achieve!
The History Committee will be having a meeting at city hall on Nov. 5 at 6pm.
The Signage Committee will be meeting at city hall on Nov. 10, immediately after the city commission meeting that starts at 6pm.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mysterious Mansion House Decorating contest! There are several photos on the website. Awards will be given at the Nov. 10th meeting at 6pm.

We have a new Police Officer! More info and introductions coming soon. We also have added a brand new truck to our Fire Department fleet! It will more mobile in off-road situations than our Fire Engine.

We are planning on having a benefit concert at the school on Nov. 21st. Check out  Admission is free but we are requesting that attendees bring non-perishable food items for the Christmas baskets that the Police and Fire Departments are assembling for Stamping Ground seniors this Christmas.
 Please bring a couple of cans of food and join us for this exciting event. If you can’t attend please consider dropping off some canned goods at city hall any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

We are starting to make plans for an old-fashioned Christmas celebration in town on Dec. 12th. We are calling it, “Christmas on the Buffalo Trail”. Parade coordinators are Stephanie Kidwell 859-494-3617, and Brad/Carole Landry 502-535-7087.
You don’t have to live in Stamping Ground to be a part of any of these events! Do you like history? Volunteer to be on the committee! All ideas are welcome.
There is so much more to talk about but I’m thinking this post is enough for now. Thank you to everyone who is working to make this beloved community even more special. May you have a very blessed day










Stamping Ground now has possession of one of the most coveted awards in Scott County! It’s the “Golden Kettle”! We won the chili cook-off competition of 2015! Fun times!





Being a Mayor is serious business! It’s not something to be taken lightly…..but I do believe that it’s OK to have fun sometimes, don’t you? With that being said, I would like to show you the new look at The Cake Lady and Shear Blessings building on Main Street. Amy even has a mayor and mayor-dog display that is a slimmer version of me and my pooch!




There’s also a new restaurant in town…for a short time only! It’s the Batwing Bar and Grill. The Batwing has daily specials, especially on the evenings of Full Moons.

The maitre de is Mr. Bigglesworth. He hails from Transylvania (the old country). Filson Marrow is the chef and he is renowned for his unique specialties. Gourmet dining at it’s best! Eerie entrees and deadly desserts. His most famous culinary greats include Spider-Leg Fries, Tentacle Tacos, and Organically grown Bug Burgers.


Don’t forget the home decorating contest. There’s also a category for businesses. Maybe someone can give The Cake Lady some competition! Let’s be sure to be extra careful and look out for the little ones on the evening of Saturday, October 31st. Trick or Treat will be from 6:00-8:00 pm in Stamping Ground.






Please come to our next meeting at the school! We need you! October 20th, food at 6pm, and the meeting will start at 6:30pm.

We had 150+ attendees in August. Can we reach 200 in October?



Do you drive up and down Main Street without ever glancing at your surroundings? I know that I do it many times. Here’s some Fall photos of this beautiful and historic town. They were all taken along Main Street, at the park, or distillery ruins.

Isn’t Stamping Ground a beautiful place? Happy Fall!

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.” ~ Emily Bronte









IMG_2608 We will be selling these t-shirts for $20.00 each. This is a fundraising opportunity for the city to raise funds to help towards our economic development plans. Your mayor and commissioners are committed to economic development but we also don’t want to spend Stamping Ground’s citizens hard-earned tax dollars!

You can help with our efforts and you will also be walking around town in unique style!

More information coming soon.

IMG_2837IMG_2826City Hall is dressed in blue to show support and appreciation for all Law Enforcement personnel.




Public Meeting Thoughts

At our meeting on August 20th, one of the most common concerns between groups was the need for a gateway entrance sign for Stamping Ground.

Would you like to be on a committee to help design and create a sign for our town? Our committee would need to find suitable locations to choose from and we need to get permission along right of ways, etc.

We also need to gather a group of volunteers to take an afternoon and walk one end of downtown to the other. Maybe take photos and notes on elements that need to be cleaned up, removed, or updated. This might include old signs that are no longer readable, or perhaps there is no sign in a spot where there should be one, etc. Young people of Stamping Ground… would be especially good at this endeavor! Any classes at SCHS needing a community project? This would be a great one that wouldn’t consume a lot of time.

Sue Baker told me about this beautiful and simply made sign. Sometimes the most simplistic approach is the most attractive. Ideas anyone?




We are on a mission to preserve and display memorabilia from Stamping Ground’s past. The Scott County Museum has graciously donated four display cases to the City of Stamping Ground. The Scott County Museum is the best place to visit to learn about Stamping Ground and all of Scott County’s history, but we can supplement and enhance the learning opportunities available by assembling a collection that solely focuses on the history of Stamping Ground.

Are you interested in being on a committee that will help develop a plan? Since our city hall is not a museum we are calling our project, “The Stamping Ground Keeping Society”.

Would your club or organization be interested in “adopting” a display case to fill? Do you love history and want to be a part of this endeavor? Will you help spread the word that we will be collecting artifacts? All options are open! Let’s get together and decide the best course to follow to make this dream become a reality!







I offer thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s BUFFALO TRAIL 227 YARD SALE.

This was not a city event but a community event! It was so exciting to see so many people in Stamping Ground and along Highway 227. I haven’t seen so many people out and about in a long time. I imagine the activity would have resembled a Saturday in town many years ago, when folks would gather in town every Saturday to shop, go see a “picture show”, and to simply be able to see everyone and catch up on the happenings around town!

If you had a sale yesterday, THANK YOU! If you drove down to Stamping Ground to shop, THANK YOU! If you live here and walked around, shopped, talked to neighbors, THANK YOU! If you allowed folks to set up on your property, THANK YOU! Many people were selling bottled water and lemonade very cheaply to offer relief from the heat and humidity. THANK YOU! Minorsville Christian Church and Stamping Ground Baptist, THANK YOU! Gene Thomas and Mike Hennigan, THANK YOU for the electronic sign you brought and placed at Great Crossings!

ALSO…THANK YOU Loretta Wilhoite and Pastor Derrol Cone for organizing this event! Events take many hours of work and planning to be successful. Loretta spent many days driving the entire 29 mile route in an attempt to meet folks and encourage them to participate. That type of commitment is admirable and we are really blessed to have many fine folks in this community, aren’t we? I enjoyed being able to talk to friends yesterday and meet new folks that have become part of the Stamping Ground family.

The Masonic Lodge also had a fish fry later in the afternoon at Buffalo Springs Park. The Masons have a long history of supporting worthy causes and exerting a positive influence in our community.

Below is a photo of a few items that I found yesterday and simply could not live without them! I remember the chairs from many years ago. My grandfather would shop at the Ben Franklin store and buy packages of the nylon webbing and redo the chairs every couple of summers. They lasted forever. The bikes are priceless. You might be seeing them soon along Main Street somewhere!

I hope you enjoy a very blessed and safe holiday weekend.



Bike Mania on Main
























Great attendance at our BIG TOWN MEETING! More details coming soon!



















For those of you that regularly visit the website you already know about our very important meeting on August 20th. But there are still many people around town that still are not aware of (What’s Happening August 20th?)









There’s a mailer that should be delivered to your mailbox this week. (Thanks to Commissioner Ashleigh Perry for designing it.) Will you make the commitment to come? Myself and the entire commission have put forth much effort into this meeting because we want to know what everyone in Stamping Ground has to say. Please have your voice heard and don’t let the opportunity slip away.










I had a very special visitor at City Hall yesterday. Maxine Friedly lives in Tennessee now but she is from Stamping Ground. She had some wonderful stories to tell about her childhood here. Maxine is in her nineties now and she has a great memory.

Maxine witnessed the bank robbery of November 28, 1932 and I’ve read the account several times. But I asked Maxine to tell me the story again because I wanted to hear it from her. I really enjoyed my visit with Maxine, she is a delightful lady! I’m already looking forward to seeing her again if she makes plans to come back next year.





I think this exert from the News-Graphic was written in the 1980’s. I want to show you this because we need as many people as possible to come to the meeting on August 20th. We can all come together to discuss Stamping Ground’s future. In this list of Stamping Ground businesses, I only recognize four that still are in operation. Please come with your ideas and bring your neighbors!IMG_2139

Please click the article to read it more closely.



August 20th will be the date when we all come together and discuss the future of our town!


Answers to some questions you might have about our Community Listening and Design Session

Click on text for larger view-






New sign installed today!





We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ~Thomas Jefferson

Happy 4th of July!







Strategic Plan City Commission Workshop Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meeting Notes


Meeting called to order by Mayor Jones 6:09 PM

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Why Mayor and Commissioners serve:

a. To work as a team to accomplish goals

b. Sense of satisfaction through community involvement

c. Be a voice for people

d. Be a part of the community

e. To make the community a place that people want to live

f. To leave a legacy

g. Wanting to see change and be a part of that change

III. Review and Discuss Survey Results

IV. Getting Stamping Ground “back to what it used to be:”

a. Nostalgia for what the town was before the 1974 tornado

i. Many businesses did not rebuild

ii. Marked difference between historical Stamping Ground and post-1974

b. Softball fields

i. Need for baseball fields in Scott County to support Youth Baseball. People will

c. Tractor Pulls

d. Movie Nights at the church

e. Community gatherings at the park

f. Shops downtown

g. Trails

h. Kids used to stay in Stamping Ground

i. Bring industry and activities to Stamping Ground so more of the population can

i. Safe community


drive to Stamping Ground for fields.

be retained

V. Economic Concerns

a. Growth before the economy shut down but has yet to reemerge

b. Vacant homes on land contract

c. Need for ready to own family housing

d. Excess rental properties available

e. Zoning downtown: Main Street has always been mixed used, especially after the

tornado. Conditional use permits. Stamping Ground has its own board of adjustments.

VI. Marketing Stamping Ground

a. When you go through a small town what makes you stop?

i. Uniqueness

ii. Historical

iii. Art, sculptures

iv. Neat little shops

v. Impression that the town is a destination

b. Lots of traffic coming through, how does Stamping Ground get them to visit? To live


i. Close to Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville, Cincinnati but it is rural

ii. The city has all services to meet people’s basic needs

iii. Buffalo brand

iv. Fill vacant buildings with arts community

v. Establish clear sense of the downtown area

vi. Turn vacant building into a “keeping society”: a location similar to a

museum that houses historical city items. Open one day a week, run by

volunteer staff, free admission.

vii. Use property close to downtown for a town square or location for

entertainment, public restroom facility

viii. Current destination for bicyclists and motorists

ix. Connect/create trails

x. Interstate signage: qualifies as historical site but must prove 5,000 annual

visitors. Need traffic marker. City pays for signage.

xi. Make community more open to outsiders coming in

xii. Market Stamping Ground on Facebook

xiii. Wellness/Community Center- gym, theater, meeting rooms

VII. Public Meeting Plans

a. Invite specific people who hold political weight to meetings- county officials, state

b. Public space

c. Food (not funded by city)

d. Goal attendance: 200

e. Provide shuttle service for elderly

f. Date: August 20th, backup August 18th

g. Refreshments at 6, meeting 6:30-8:30

Invite Representative, Senator, Congressional representatives

VIII. Small Area Study taking place in Stamping Ground, will speak with Joe Kane at Scott County Planning and Zoning



YES! I just want everyone to know that your Commission will be starting to work on the development of an economic development plan on Tuesday, June 9. According to KLC this will be a work session for us to brainstorm and then engage the public at various meetings afterwards before the plan is finalized. Click on the agenda above to get a better look at what we will be doing!


May 30, 2015


Stamping Ground has a rich history! We have long been a farming community. I’m trying to bring a strong awareness of our farming history and also attempt to carry that awareness into 2015 by searching of ways that we can support our local farmers.

There is absolutely no comparison between a store-bought tomato and a fresh one you’ve just purchased from one of your local farmers!

We would like to compile a list on this website of local farmers that Stamping Ground can promote. I’ve talked to the Scott County Extension Office as well.

I’ve also been told that consuming LOCALLY PRODUCED honey can help allergy sufferers. The pollen that the bees have collected in their honey production is the same pollen that is causing your allergies in the area in which you live. Does it work? I don’t know, but it’s worth trying!

Also, I love my quotes. Here’s another great one from Abraham Lincoln….

“I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him”.









I was privileged to be able to take part in The National Association of Counties “County Prosperity Summit” in Georgetown on May 26. Scott County was one of five counties nation-wide that were selected to hold a County Prosperity Summit in 2015. The other counties chosen were Cape May County, NJ, Cheatham County TN, Shasta County CA, and Titus County TX.

The Summits help counties build strategies to strengthen regional relationships and identify ways to deepen and sustain economic development activities. 

Thank you Scott County for this very informational summit and for inviting Stamping Ground to be a part of it. By working together, our entire county, the City of Georgetown, the City of Sadieville, and the City of Stamping Ground can all contribute mutually. Every area of our county has something special to offer and we can all benefit with a regional approach to problem solving, tourism, and overall economic development.

More information can be found at and









Monday, May 11, 2015

We had a very significant storm pass through Stamping Ground this afternoon with high winds and hail. Thankfully, there were no injuries. We do have downed power lines and trees. Please take care! I’m thankful that everyone is OK! If you have a power outage call KU at 800-331-7370. If the situation is dangerous or life threatening call 911.

Thank you to the Georgetown/Scott County Emergency Management Agency for responding immediately! As always, thank you to our Stamping Ground Police and Fire Departments for everything you do!



Don’t forget to support the Stamping Ground Ruritans event this coming Saturday!

Have a great flight Mr. Lawrence Young and Mr. Russell Young!




YES! We are going to do it!

Working with the Kentucky League of Cities, the commission has approved the formation of a strategic plan for economic development! Commissioners Christa Darnell, Robert Duncan, Jacky Hobbs, Ashleigh Perry, and myself, are fully committed and with your help, together, we can all accomplish some great things in Stamping Ground!

There will be a public meeting scheduled for August or September. This meeting will be for gathering and sharing information. Please tell all your friends, family, and neighbors! We need to pack City Hall! Here’s some things to be thinking about as we start working on this and creating a timeline for progress.

What do you value about Stamping Ground?

What does the city do well?

The most common complaint I hear about Stamping Ground is __________.

I believe we could remedy this problem by __________.

In my opinion, the three most important things the city must focus on in the next two to three years are:


This is very exciting! We can do this!









Signage along the Interstates

Update- April 30th. We are progressing! I have talked to the Tourism Commission and they are writing a letter for us! They will communicate regarding the requests from visitors as to the location of the beautiful Barn Quilts in the Stamping Ground area. I also have met with the Bluegrass Cycling Club. President Randy Thomas and Vice-President Patrick Wesolosky will also confirm the number of cyclists that enjoy visiting Stamping Ground. This club is very supportive of us and I really appreciate them!

As the weather warms up, let’s all be sure to share the roads and keep an even more watchful eye out for the many cyclists and for  the farm machinery that our Agricultural Engineers will be needing to move about as they get busy! (Don’t forget….we are a farming community). Farming is on the top ten list of the most dangerous occupations. The heavy machinery and equipment that farmers need to use represent a number of incidents. Give plenty of space for the bicycles and the machinery, be patient, and let’s look out for each other! Thank you!


Update- April 20th. We have received documents and applications for the signs. Unfortunately, it’s going to be difficult and very time consuming to accomplish. Interstate signage requests are very regulated and exacting criteria has to be met. The City of Stamping Ground will be responsible for the costs of the signs……and we have to qualify as a historical site, AND VERIFY that we have at least 5000 visitors a year. So, it looks like we’ve got some work to do! I will give updates as we progress.


Well, I have to admit that I’ve received a few chuckles regarding my vision of our town becoming a tourist attraction. First of all, I want to acknowledge Senator Thayer’s efforts on our behalf. Senator Thayer has written a letter to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet giving his support in our endeavor to have STAMPING GROUND signs installed at the appropriate exits on I75 and I64.

I’m not visualizing a Hilton Head type of resort, mainly because we don’t have any beaches in the vicinity. OK, I’m joking. It is actually very simple. It’s all about history and the natural environment. As our culture progresses farther into the 21st century and the digital world, I think people will tend to experience more of a disconnect with the natural world and the history of the people and events that came before us. I think they will have an increased heartfelt desire to visit and experience historical environments.

Back to tourist attractions, do you know that each year many people will travel to Chester, West Virginia to see the world’s largest teapot? Or how about the thousands of people that will travel to Cawker City, Kansas to see the world’s largest ball of twine? I’m not belittling those attractions in any way, and the next time I’m in West Virginia, I wouldn’t mind seeing the world’s largest teapot!

But in Stamping Ground we have something much more intrinsic in value. The Stamping Ground is most likely located directly upon the Alanant-o-wamiowee trail. This old buffalo trail is one of the oldest roads in the entire nation. Ages ago, prehistoric animals traveled this ancient migratory route, then later vast herds of buffalo. Supposedly, the buffalo herds would travel from the crossing at the Kentucky River at old Leestown, then towards Stamping Ground. They would stop and gather around the natural spring to drink. Through the ages this location around the spring developed into a huge bowl shaped area because of the stamping of the herds that gathered and waited to get closer to the water. These herds would then move towards Great Crossing, through Georgetown, to Paris, on to the Blue Lick Springs, then Maysville, where the trail then crossed the Ohio River.

Although many generations have passed, the Buffalo Stamping Ground and the water that helped create it are still here. I hope that you can see the value of telling this story, and agree that it’s important to educate and promote such a historical trail and the gathering place of these majestic and uniquely American symbols.

I think it’s also important to realize that three miles from Stamping Ground towards Great Crossing, on the trail, is the site of the Choctaw Academy. The school, opened in 1825, and many sons of tribal leaders were educated there. It is currently in disrepair, but it’s still there!

So, I’m hopeful and excited of the possibility that in the future we might see signs along our interstate exits:

Stamping Ground

on the

Alanant-o-wamiowee Trail



(Also, on a side note, we’re thinking about adding some additional pages to this site. A page for a list of area cemeteries, to help genealogists, a page for clickable oral history stories, as told by our residents, and being a rural community, a page to highlight area farms. Any additional ideas/thoughts to add?)

(Economic Development presentation will be May 5, 6pm City Hall)





Let’s Talk About Economic Development

As much as I love Stamping Ground, I do see some areas that could improve. Do you?  Years ago, Stamping Ground was a bustling little town. There were hotels, grocery stores, specialty shops, clothing stores, a distillery, auto dealerships, and more.

Today, in the business district we have empty store buildings that have been unused for years. On the entire length of Main Street we have very few businesses. How can we fix that? 

Rural economic development has unique challenges. But Stamping Ground has many strengths. We need to identify those strengths.

As an elected official of our town I think it’s a perfect time to start ACTING NOW.

I contacted the Kentucky League of Cities last Fall and started communicating about my concerns for Stamping Ground. The League attended our February Commission meeting and now have presented a strategic plan proposal to the Commission. They will attend our next meeting, as well (April 7). It’s time for us to decide. Will the cost of the plan be worth the investment? What are your concerns for our town? Do you have some ideas? If you can’t come to this meeting, you can contact me, or Commissioners Christa Darnell, Robert Duncan, Jacky Hobbs, or Ashleigh Perry.  

                                                  The purpose of the plan is to-

Engage citizens and local leadership in a discussion about the future growth and direction of Stamping Ground.

To develop a plan for the city that will establish priorities and serve as a roadmap for growth and development for the next three years.

Identify potential interest among residents and garner their support and participation in implementing the plan.

                                                The objectives of the strategic plan include:

Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the city.

Determine approaches, responsibilities, and timelines.

Create a practical and implementable plan.

Learn from one another about overall community development activities and connect the dots where possible.

Identify areas of shared interest as well as overlapping efforts.

Identify any activities or services that should be started, continued,, or ended.

Discuss potential transformative opportunities.

Prioritize most important activities.

Identify measures of success.

The Commission needs your input. We have something special here. People of Stamping Ground are very loyal to this city and are very proud to say, “I’m from Stamping Ground.” We can all come together, local leadership, and citizens.  Let’s talk about our concerns for the future growth and direction of our city.




Historic Stamping Ground. So Very Special and Unique.

Centuries before the white man’s selfish intrusion,
When bluegrass and cane mingled in endless confusion;
When wildlife ruled with a master hand supreme,
and the Red Man reveled in the Hunter’s dream;
There was one beloved enticing place,
Where bird and beast came their thirst to erase.
American_bison_k5680-1As the years rolled on thru eternity’s unclosed door,
Uncounted, save by the Red Man’s Moon Folk Lore;
Endless seasons uncounted came and unheralded went,
As the buffalo undisturbed lives placidly spent;
And to this beloved place in endless numbers came,
To mould for mankind it’s future historic name.
Uncounted herds of these nomadic beasts,
To the Bluegrass came for their summer’s feast;
Thru the wilderness a well trodden road blazing ,
as they came and went to their cherished grazing;
Which unmarred endured until by the white man found,
And where ruthless hand despoiled the Happy Hunting Ground.
This roadway gracefully wound over valley and wooded hill,
Beside flowing rivers, sparkling brooks and bubbling rills;
On and on from the far away uncharted Bear Grass land;
To the Bluegrass to where the Licking’s water ran;
Ordaining for the White Man a name that will long prevail,
Among future generations as Historic Buffalo Trail.
Beside this trail was an enticing, refreshing retreat,
Made historic by the treading of countless buffalo feet;
Where from mother earth’s bountiful unfailing breast,
Flowed a stream that ever soothed and blessed;
And when the hardy pioneer this beloved spot found,
He was constrained to name it the Buffalo Stamping Ground.
Again as countless years on the wings of time rode,
and from this beloved source untold blessings flowed;
Uncounted herds in ever increasing numbers came,
To foster on this enticing nectar and eternal name;
Of which mankind thru future years may proudly sing,
And justly proclaim the greatness of Old Buffalo Spring.

Squire Peyton Willis
Source: Echoes of the Past
Stamping Ground Women’s Club



Historic Stamping Ground

These words were taken out of a booklet about the history of Scott County. It was written about 1900.
I couldn’t find the name of an official author but credit was given to HM Perrin.
It seems that even in 1900 the folks of Scott County realized what a historical gem Stamping Ground was!


Black or White

When I was in elementary school, I got into a major argument with a girl in my class. I have forgotten what the argument was about, but I have never forgotten the lesson I learned that day.

I was convinced that I was right and she was wrong. She was just as convinced that I was wrong and she was right. The teacher decided to teach us a very important lesson.

The teacher brought us up to the front of the class and placed her on one side of her desk and me on the other. In the middle of her desk was a large, round object. I could clearly see that it was black. She asked the girl what color the object was. “White,” she answered.

I couldn’t believe that she had said the object was white, when it was obviously black! Another argument started between my classmate and me, this time it was about the color of the object.

The teacher told me to go stand where my classmate had been standing and told her to come stand where I had been. We changed places, and then she asked me what the color of the object was. I had to answer, “White.”

It was an object with two different colored sides, and from her viewpoint it was white. Only from my side was it black.

Sometimes we need to look at the problem from the other person’s view in order to truly understand their perspective.


Marshal Duke Fundraising Update

The Stamping Ground Police Department started a fundraising event this past month.
The goal is to raise $2500. for a historical marker or memorial to honor our town Marshal of 1899.
Donations are fully tax deductible.

We now have $205! That’s a great start!

If you would like to know more about Marshal Duke, come by City Hall. We have information that Police Chief Morris has assembled from newspaper accounts published in 1899.

If you would like to be a part of our fundraiser or have great ideas to help our goal become a reality, please call me at City Hall (502-535-6114). You can leave a message or email me at

You can also talk to Chief Morris, Officer Sutton, Officer Merriman, and Officer Hutchins.
Thanks to our Police Department for this effort! You are appreciated!
With sincerity and kindest regards,
Mayor Kayla Jones


Mayor’s Message

Happy New Year, Stamping Ground! We had our swearing-in ceremony on Dec. 30th at City Hall. I look forward to working with our new Commission. I am very appreciative of each and everyone in our community of Stamping Ground! I look forward to the things we can accomplish together and look back gratefully to the Mayors and Commissioners that have served in the past.

For me personally, I hope to be able to serve with the same magnitude of dedication that I have observed in the Mayors I have been privileged  to know, such as Billy Swartz, Jared Hollon, Shirley Kettenring, Donnie Thompson, and others that I was never able to meet.

City Commission meetings are always the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm. Please come.

A few items that we will be discussing on Jan. 6:

  1. Implementing Economic Development Plans
  2. Identifying Goals for Our Community
  3. Prescription Drug Card for Our Citizens
  4. Assembling a List of Stamping Ground Area Businesses
  5. Requesting Transportation Dept. to Install Stamping Ground Signs on I-75 and I-64
  6. City Dept. Superintendents

With sincerity and kindest regards

Mayor Kayla Jones