When Scott County was created in 1792 there was not any land granted for schools.  The churches took on the responsibility of the early school and the preachers usually served as teachers.

Here’s a photo of a school established in 1825 for sons of Indian chiefs. It is located three miles from Stamping Ground city limits. Future leaders of many tribes were educated at this site. It was called the Choctaw Indian Academy.


One of the first schools within the present corporate limits of Stamping Ground was established about the middle of the 19th century.    This was possibly the male academy with a female academy located nearby.  The male academy burned in 1876 and a new building was constructed on Main Street.  In 1923 the school building burned again and a temporary school was built.  By 1927 there was a need for a larger school.  The land was bought and a large two-story brick building for the elementary grades and four-year high school was built on the site of the current elementary school.

This building burned in 1938 and was replaced on the same site.

Around this time in history, the one and two-room country schoolhouses were being discontinued and consolidated into the Stamping Ground School.  In 1955 all county high schools were consolidated into one county school.  In 1965 all junior high grades were consolidated into one school.  At that time, Stamping Ground School became strictly the elementary school

The April 3, 1974 tornado partially destroyed the school building and again temporary buildings were constructed.  The school was repaired and one again housed the elementary school.


The current Stamping Ground Elementary School was built in 2000.