Stamping Ground is located eight miles from Georgetown.  Buffalo Springs at Stamping Ground was the first settlement of the county.   The herds of buffalo would congregate at the salt springs to drink the water.  As they could not all drink at once, the herd would stand and stomp the ground waiting their turn to reach the spring.  The town grew up around this spring named by the Indians “Buffalo Stamping Ground”.

  • Stamping Ground was founded in 1790 and incorporated on January 24, 1834. 
  • The first settlement in Stamping Ground was a fort built by Anthony Lindsay around 1790. 
  • The first road through Stamping Ground was the Georgetown and Cincinnati Road which was cut around 1790. This road was known as the ‘main road to Cincinnati’. The road was most likely built upon the remnants of the Alant-o-wamiowee Trail, an ancient migratory path used since prehistoric times. This trail connected Stamping Ground and the small community of “Great Crossing” which also acquired it’s name from the buffalo that crossed the Elkhorn. ” Alan-o-wamiowee” translates into “path of the armed ones”.
  • The first church was established around 1795 and was call McConnell’s Church.
  • The first Post Office was established in 1814 with Alex Bradford as Postmaster.
  • Taken from an old published history, at the time of the 1880s, “It now contains three hundred inhabitants, supports four stores, two blacksmith shops, one school, under the management of W.H. Cooper, and containing some forty-five pupils.  One distillery, one hotel, one undertaker, one photographer, four physicians, two churches and one colored church and school, one Masonic Lodge, No. 203 and one woolen factory”.
  • The latest available numbers show 634 inhabitants, one grocery store, one gas station, one garage, one school, one physician, six churches, one bank, one post office, two restaurants, one Masonic Lodge, one pharmacy and a Dollar General.  The City has a Police Department, a Volunteer Fire Department and a County EMS station within the city limits.




Information taken from Stamping Ground’s 180th birthday celebration Oct. 15-17, 1970 brochure.