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Stamping Ground Future Land Use Meeting August 4th  
Throughout the Comprehensive Plan update, the Georgetown-Scott County planning staff have been coordinating research and proposals through a Land Use committee.  They have developed draft recommendations for changes, and want to get additional feedback from the public regarding the new draft Future Lane Use designations and draft Urban Service Boundary limits for the cities of Stamping Ground and Sadieville.  Planning staff and City Commissioners are holding a meeting to review existing and draft material and gather public input.  This meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 4th at Stamping Ground City Hall at 6pm.

What is Future Land Use?  
Future Land Use is not the same as zoning.  While zoning regulations dictate specific uses, setbacks, and height (for example), Future Land Use is a guideline for future changes to zoning and development patterns.  Future Land Use (FLU) designations show land use types that have been determined to be the most desirable for a particular area, and are meant to guide future development and re-development.  The FLU Map is largely implemented through the City/County zoning regulations. Each color-coded category on the FLU map has a corresponding set of compatible zoning districts. Many of the FLU Map categories have more than one corresponding zoning district, permitting a more fine-grained interpretation of the map based on existing uses and local conditions at the time of zone change requests.

What is an Urban Service Boundary? 
An Urban Service Boundary (USB) is a line, usually near the edge of existing City Limits, that indicates the extent of future urban development that will require city services (sewer, water, police, fire, etc.).  The USB for a given municipality includes those properties that can be developed to urban uses and densities and annexed to those cities within the current planning period.

What does that mean for Stamping Ground?
The Future Land Use designations and Urban Service Boundary are important because they impact the way new growth and redevelopment are controlled within Stamping Ground.  Combined together with Zoning Regulations, the FLU and USB encourage the type and scale of development that is deemed appropriate to our city, and by our city.  The community can provide input on things like locations for public facilities, such as parks, trails, or community buildings.  You can also suggest the ways that land use changes could impact the way the center of town redevelops, or ways to define city edges and residential areas, or provide more pedestrian accessibility  The Planning Staff have some ideas based on the comments they heard at the Strategic Planning meetings, but now is the time to work together to refine that vision for our community.

Should I attend the meeting?
In short, “Yes!”  We hope you will attend.  This meeting is an opportunity to voice your opinion about the future of our community, and type and scale of growth that you would like to see occur.  Do you want to see more places for public facilities?  Do you think the land use or zoning in a certain area should change in the future?  Are you interested in expanding or contracting the boundary that defines what properties can obtain city services?  If so, this meeting is for you!