The City of Stamping Ground wishes to extend much thanks to the members of the former Stamping Ground Women’s Club.  Much of the History presented here was taken from the Echoes of The Past published by the Stamping Ground Women’s Club in 1975. 


     The Stamping Ground Women’s Club was organized April 6, 1946 with twenty-one members.  Throughout the years, the public library was the main project of the club.  In cooperation with the Georgetown Library and The Kentucky Library Extension, they opened a Branch Library in the local town hall in the fall of 1946.  For a number of years it was staffed by unpaid volunteers from the club.


     After moving into five different buildings, on February 24, 1962, the club was able to buy a two story brick building on Main Street to house the Library.  On Tuesday, May 8, 1973 the club met to burn the note.  The Stamping Ground Women’s Club was now owner of the building.  On April 3, 1974 the building was destroyed along with most of the town.  The club rebuilt, starting with a finished basement that housed the library until the club could rebuild the main floor.


     The Stamping Ground Women’s Club voted to disband in 2005.  At that time, the club donated the library building to the City of Stamping Ground and it currently houses City Hall.


     The City will forever be appreciative of this gift to the City and the years of service to the community especially in providing the City with a Library.