June 1st

There will be a legislative wrap-up meeting at the Scott County Extension Office on June 1st at 6pm.

In the event that three or more Stamping Ground Commission members attend, there will be a quorum present. This could be considered a Special meeting, so this information serves as notice as the possibility. There will be a notice on the front door of city hall, as well.

Shirl Marks


Congratulations to Stamping Ground’s own Shirl Marks. Above is a photo of her at the Governor’s Mansion after winning a statewide historic preservation award for her work in restoring Stonetown Haven!

Stonetown Haven will be open on Saturday, June 4th and is part of the Historic Stamping Ground Geotrail event that begins Saturday morning at the Park on June 4th!


Also, on a different note…..a ceremony will be held this Sunday at the Masonic Cemetery at 1:30 to honor our veterans.