Buffalo Springs Park

IMG_1647IMG_1648It’s beautiful at the Park! Thank you Commissioner Jacky Hobbs for working on this project! Outstanding!

Buffalo Springs Park Trivia

What is the structure design of the Pavilion supposed to remind you of?

The Train Depot

What are the two metal bars in the concrete and why are they in that particular spot?

That’s the location of the old railroad track.

Why is there a gravesite at the park?

In 2007 a gravesite was disturbed near the park while excavating from Woodlake Rd. towards the water tower. According to a Kentucky Archaeological Survey, the individual was determined to have been a woman of European heritage buried between 1860-1880. She was most likely associated with members of the McMillan or Wright families who previously owned the property. She was reinterred in the park.

What is the concrete and rock structure with the large circles?

A Burgoo party was held by the Distillery on September 12, 1935. The circles held large pots of burgoo.

What’s the Y shape built in the rock wall for?

It was built as a cattle gate.

How big is the park?

2.74 acres

True or False- You can rent the Pavilion facility for $50.

True. The pavilion has plenty of picnic tables and a large grill!


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Main Street Clean Sweep





April 22nd     Earth Day

THANK YOU to everyone who came out today and helped clean up our town! With the students that participated today, we had approx 295 volunteers!

Mayor Jones wishes to thank all the individual volunteers, Commonwealth Tool, Scott County Junior Conservation students, Stamping Ground Elementary students and staff, and the Stamping Ground Police Department! You are all so appreciated!

Main Street and some of the side streets were cleaned up, Buffalo Springs Park was cleaned, and flowers were planted on the school grounds. It was rainy this morning but around noon the sun came out and the day was perfect. The dumpster is still available but its filling up quick!

Thanks also to Bluegrass Greensource! Thank you to the Blue Grass Hemerocallis Society for all the nice daylilies. Operation Main Street Clean Sweep 2015 was officially a great success!



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We are planning on observing Earth Day this year in a big way! We can clean up our town and make it shine! It’s also very exciting that all of the cities in Scott County are working together to make this happen. Thanks to Mayor Prather and the City of Georgetown, Mayor Christensen and the City of Sadieville, Scott County, and Bluegrass Greensource for this collaborative effort!

We will have a ‘Kick-off’ at Stamping Ground Elementary on Wednesday, April 22 from 11:00-1:00. Volunteers can come during that time to obtain gloves, trash bags, and Earth Day t-shirts. Our aim will be to pick up trash on Main Street and other areas too if possible.

Please call city hall M,W,F 502-535-6114 or email mayorjones@stampinggroundkentucky.com to pre-register, so we will know how many t-shirts to have available for all of our volunteers. You can also register at BGGREENSOURCE.ORG


There will be a large dumpster available too, for house and yard cleanups, from April 21-26. It will be located next to Buffalo Springs Park.

Any ideas to help make the Main Street Clean Sweep event hugely successful? Would you like to help plan and organize? Let’s pitch in together to make our town even better!