Community Wide Prayer Vigil

Stamping Ground is a family not just a town. We are banding together and you are invited to be part of a Multi-Denominational Community Wide Prayer Vigil. We want to show our support to the family of Morgan Penn.

Please join us

Sunday August 28, 2016 – 7:00PM
Stamping Ground Baptist Church Parking Lot
3309 Main St, Stamping Ground, Kentucky 40379

and tell your family & friends.

As always thank you in advance for your prayers for this trying time.


Main Street Sight Distance


As some of the surrounding farmland has been sold into 5 acre tracts, new homes built, and many new residents have moved into this area of the county, we have much more traffic attempting to turn onto Main Street everyday. The most problematic area is the Woodlake and Main intersection. We have already had several accidents there. The commission has requested and received recommendations from the State for limited parking and additional no parking areas along the intersections of Woodlake/Main, Calvert/Main, and Burch/Main.

At this point we are encouraging opinions from residents that live along these areas. We need to hear from you and we value your thoughts on the best way to make these intersections safer for motorists sight distance when pulling onto Main Street but also work with residents that park on Main Street.

We will discuss this at the August 23rd meeting at 6pm. Please attend!